Our Mission



We are reviving city property to grow food for the surrounding neighborhoods. Healthy food grown blocks from your doors will breathe renewed life into Baltimore communities.


The hub will employ local residents by creating new job opportunities through the greenhouse, grocery space and retail including food preparation, packaging, and distribution.

Education & Training

Apprenticeships around greenhouse operation, sales and distribution, accounting, etc. will allow the community to gain professional skills for entry not only into the urban agriculture space but generalizable to other industries. Children will learn STEM and resilience while experiencing the joy of growing vegetables, tasting nature, and connecting with abundance.

Fresh Food Access

No one should need to travel far to access the fresh produce that gives them energy and vibrancy. Incorporated into the fabric of Baltimore, the agriculture hub will give more options to more people. Lower exposure to unhealthy processed food will benefit physical and mental health. 

Healthy Food Preparation

Learn about the origin of fresh food and connect your tastebuds to local produce. Enjoy food preparation while learning how to turn fresh fruits and vegetables into healthy and tasty treats.

Green Space

By attracting people to orbit and spend time where they get their food, the transformative power of green spaces will promote wellness, increase awareness of food access, and the importance of caring for our environment.

Community Engagement

Recreational components such as a playground and open spaces for gathering will allow members of the community to engage with each other, grow the local economy, and renew their ownership of the shape of the city.